Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bus tour around Hong Kong

Today was the second day of our trip and we took a bus tour around Hong Kong. Victoria peak was by far my favorite visit. It was a bit foggy but still breathe taking. There was lots of little shops and places to eat up there. We got to see two famous Hong Kong tennis players and took picture of them even though know of us had any idea who they were.

There were also these adorable little kids asking us to help them with their English and had these scripts with questions to ask typed up from class and everything.

The bus tour was in total about five hours after all of our visits. It was a blast but very exhausting especially since most of us are still trying to get over our jet lag. I am really enjoying Hong Kong. It is a lot like New York I think. You can walk around late at night and the shops and restaurants are all still open, It's like the city never sleeps. We are taking our first business trip tomorrow to the largest port and meeting the CEO. I am really looking forward to it.

(Today's Post courtesy of Allison Coggins and Pari Sethuraman)

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