Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan. 9, 10 Singapore

After taking a quick three hour flight from Hong Kong to Singapore, we boarded our tour bus and were immediately astounded by the beautiful scenery, weather and cleanliness of the city. In other words, we felt as if we were entering a tropical paradise. Before the tour started, we met up with a 2007 Elon graduate, Hillary Corna, who is an operations manager for Toyota. It was great to have her along because she gave some great insight into all the great stuff we could do while in the country. Our tour started by visiting a multicultural food court offering various elements of authentic cuisines. Then, we continued our journey on the exciting double-decker bus, which took us to a scenic tourist area called Clark Quay. This area displayed numerous high quality bars, hotels, and restaurants, as well as a view of a third grand hotel casino in the works. We unloaded the bus at Clark Quay and hopped aboard the Singapore river cruise night, which drifted smoothly thorough the waters of Clark Quay. There were many opportunities for great pictures of statues and immaculate architecture, which we saw to be present in most of the Singapore area.

Upon arrival in Singapore, we witnessed many unique artistic images such as this.

After the cruise, we capped off the tour with a visit to the Long Bar, which offered the famous "Singapore Sling" Claiming to be the venue where the beverage was originally invented. This night made for one of the greatest and most exciting times thus far on our journey Pacific Rim. The next day, however, would prove to offer even more excitement.

Taxi dropping us off for the full day at Sentosa

We woke up the next morning to very hot and sunny weather and decided to go to the beach. After asking our taxi driver for advice on the best beach to go to, he recommended that we venture to Sentosa Island. This place turned out to be an amusement park for fun. We started out on the calmer part of the island, where our taxi driver seemed to drop us off at jokingly. After scaling the beach for about an hour, we came upon a village that seemed to be held up by sticks in the ocean. Then we came upon multiple new wave pool areas, one of which offered simulated surfing (this was one of the coolest things we have ever seen). After enduring colder weather in the U.S. prior to the trip, the hot Singapore sun quickly drained us, and we returned back the hotel to call it a day. What an adventure!

-Written by Davis Miller and Andrew Thompson

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