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Business in the Pacific Rim: Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam
January 3 -January 24, 2010

In this course, students experience three distinct societies, China, Singapore and Vietnam, through the lens of business and cultural activities. The influences of economic development and global business are examined. That is, the student observes first-hand how business is conducted within three diverse Pacific Rim economies.

Hong Kong straddles old and new China and has been a major global trading center for many years. During our stay in Hong Kong we also will venture to mainland China. Singapore describes itself as “the gateway to Asia”. It is home to one of the largest ports in the world and is known for its pro-business climate. Vietnam is a rapidly changing developing economy with a vibrant culture that will serve as an interesting contrast to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Students will be able to compare their Pacific Rim experiences with their own U.S. culture through daily interactions with both business and academic leaders in Asia, cultural field trips, and company visits.

Since becoming part of China again in 1997, Hong Kong has been operating under the “one country, two system” agreed formula. It is an intriguing mix of western capitalism with Chinese communism and provides a perfect location for launching the course. Hong Kong also serves as a major trading hub for multinationals, and is the second largest port for import and export of goods from China to the United States, Europe and other major trading partners.

Singapore is a highly successful city-state in the middle of the Pacific Rim. Singapore serves as a South Asian hub and transshipment point for a large number of large multinationals. Within its borders three distinct and interesting cultures (Chinese, Arab, and Indian) thrive and live in relative harmony together.

Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world, with varied and beautiful landscapes along the shores of the South China Sea. Vietnam is a developing country with a dynamic and growing economy that has begun to flourish after a 20th century history of colonization by the French and War with the United States. By the late 1990s, Vietnam had instituted substantial economic reforms and reestablished diplomatic relations with major trading partners including the United States. Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization in 2007, and is now a major exporter to the United States of apparel, seafood, and a wide range of other household and industrial products.

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  1. Beautiful picture. How many students are on the trip? Is Kelsey O'Leary with this group?