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Tuesday, January 12th and Wednesday, January 13th

The news behind the news: Kuala Lumpur…

As all our avid readers know, you are about to embark on an informative excerpt from the lavish lives of your sons and daughters. Despite recent news, I would first and foremost like to make everyone aware that our trip to the Danger Zone was both successful and safe. Before getting into too much detail, I would like to brief you all on the locations we have been during the last two days, January 12th and 13th

Our arrival on January 12th was nearly immediately followed by a torrential downpour, so although we were only able to make it to the King’s Palace gate before taking shelter in the hotel, the 13th was a very suitable make-up day. We did however manage to find quite the mall, equipped with even a small theme park...

Although we have been residing in the obvious, Malaysia, we have visited several different places that have been not only culturally enlightening, but also pleasantly different than the countries we have been to thus far… (China and Singapore for those who have not been concerned with their little ones whereabouts). In order to keep things simple, and to allow your children to describe these places to you in person better than we may be able to do from an overnight train to Singapore, I would like to list our recently visited locations and let pictures do some of the talking. So without further ado, here is a quick list of where we have been since the last entry:

1) The King of Malaysia’s Palace, outside the gate looking in.

2) The Batu Caves, a beautiful limestone formation coupled with religious statues and mischievous monkeys.

3) The Royal Selanger Pewter Factory, seemingly a tourist trap at first, but really an origin of many impressive and attractive products.

4) The Petronas Twin Towers, massively impressive “twin towers,” respectfully not rivaling those remembered in New York.

5) The Malaysian National Monument, which was although smaller than our own phallic monument in Washington, inspirational nonetheless.

6) The Lake Garden, along with a impressive Mosque, which consisted of a quicker tour due to the increasing and imposing heat.

7) The Independence Square, which was a tribute to the third major war Malaysia fought in their history, which was more specifically against what seemed to be Chinese “terrorists” interested in plundering their wealthy and independent (not communist controlled) country.

8) The cities Central Market, similar to a mall, which was thankfully air-conditioned and with an interesting multi-Asian flare that allowed for… frugal spending on cross-cultural trinkets.

9) And last but not least Chinatown, which allowed us to revisit everything we experienced in the small Chinese markets earlier in the trip, with only a little more price increase due to the shipping from a country we had been to probably more recently than the items themselves.

By the time you read this, your children will be safely back into Singapore, after a long 9-10 hour overnight train. Although it is hard to accurately depict the last few days without being redundant regarding the standard expectations of education, experience and excitement, know that this is exactly what these last two days have brought us. Although intimidating to initially visit, I believe we all as a group are extremely happy to have been blessed with the opportunity to visit such a unique place.  We have learned from the culturally rich people of this country what it is like to prosper in the face of annihilation (a aggressive communist China,) prosper in the realm of social diversity (or at least continue to try their best particularly in regards to religion,) and impress even the most difficult and skeptical of people (your children.)

Thank you again, and rest satisfied knowing we are safe, another country visited and conquered,

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Here’s to you and here’s to me and here’s to love and laughter…
I’ll be true as long as you and not a moment after…

(A recently learned Irish Drinking Proverb by your hopefully entertaining and informative authors, Samuel Wightman Foster and Ted Conrad Wetterau III)

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